CMCE Diploma & PG Diploma Programs

(Management / IT / Applied Psychology)

CMCE's Autonomous Diploma & PG Diploma Programs are Quality Certified conforming to the International standards of ISO-9001:2008 level and is in process of upgrading to the ISO-9001:2015 level. It is well accepted for jobs and promotion in the private sector organizations which recruit majority of the working population of our country. More than 1500 candidates have completed Diploma Programs from CMCE and most of them have successfully used CMCE Diploma for employment & promotion in their respective fields.

CMCE Diploma & PG Diploma holders have an option to obtain Bachelor & Master Degrees respectively in their respective fields under Credit Transfer System from a private autonomous foreign university. Interested candidates may email ( / their query in this regard as how to obtain such degree after completion of CMCE Diploma Program.